One-to-one interior design consulting

for small businesses

Sometimes as an independent business you don't need a full interior design service, or you might not be quite ready to invest yet in an interior designer and just need a bit of design advice with your existing commercial space.

My one-to-one consulting is the perfect way for you get professional advice and gain clarity (and confidence) on a specific interior element, allowing your commercial space to better serve your business.

One-to-One Consultation

Introductory Fixed Price Offer £45

Every consultation includes:

  • Initial questionnaire to personalise the consultation

  • 45 minute video consultation call

  • Summarised consultation notes (optional)

To get the most out of your one-to-one consultation each 45 minute session will focus on discussing one topic (i.e. design issue) in detail only. To give you an idea, in a 45 minute session we can look at one of the following topics:

  • Lighting e.g. layout options or light fitting styles

  • Awkward layouts

  • Storage solutions

  • Finishes e.g. tile advice

  • Determining an interior style

  • Refurbishing existing furniture or joinery

How It Works


I'll schedule a date and time (that suits you) for our virtual consultation session, and send you a questionnaire to fill out prior to the session. This will allow me to fully prepare tips and advice on your chosen topic, so you can get the most out of our session.


We'll then jump on our scheduled video call, discussing and tackling your topic of interior challenge, so that together we'll develop an actionable plan for you to confidently leave with.


If you've opted in for the summarised consultation notes, I'll send these to you within 24 hours after finishing up our consultation session. These notes are useful if you want to refer back to tips and advice at a later date.

If you're struggling with your commercial space and want to gain clarity on how you can improve it for your business, get in touch so we can schedule in a one-to-one consultation. 

E-Design Services

I'll design your commercial interior for you, with services ranging from design concept to fully designing the interior design scheme. I want to help create a unique interior that best serves your independent business.